Silent Scream



Silent Scream //Sessiz Çığlık

This project is inspired from Önder Tokuç’s “Ege Denizi” Sculptures, which were deeply influenced by the drifting corpuses of refugees in Aegean Sea.

In memoriam of refugees who had lost their lives in the Agean Sea while trying to pass between war and life… It is a wish to send their souls into light trough our bodies washed by the water.

Music: Saraband – Handel,  Lacrimosa- Mozart, Original Music


Street Performances

@Kadıköy 2017

@Dünya Barış Parkı, Beşiktaş, 17.06.2017 For Academicians




2.) Public Space Performance @ 14. METU Contemporary Dance Days, 2017

Middle East Technical University, Architecture Faculty , Ankara, 28 May 2017




The street performance turned into a dance film project to be realised underwater shootings, done in Karaburun Izmir in 2017 September.

for the Dancefilm follow

Silent Scream //Water Sessiz Çığlık / Su 
1 minute version



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