Wondering Mermaids @2021

Performance Planet presents "Wondering Mermaids" @2021 a dance film by Gonca Gümüşayak FEATURING ARTISTS: Ayşegül Astan, Poyraz Gözde Gümüşayak, İpek Seyalıoğlu, Gonca Gümüşayak DIRECTING & EDITING: Gonca Gümüşayak MUSIC: DEEP FOCUS (Mediation Mantra) · Meditation Mantras Guru · Nieznany · Marco Rinaldo DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY & EDITING: GONCA GÜMÜŞAYAKCAMERA: GONCA & GÖZDE GÜMÜŞAYAK, İPEK SEYALIOĞLU... Continue Reading →

“Headless Breath”

https://vimeo.com/502772823 Headless Breath: ( short underwater dance film) Concept/Performance : Gonca Gümüşayak Video/ Director of Photography: Zekiye Buğurcu Space: K2 Urla Nefes Alanı, İzmir, September 2020. ENG: 'Headless Breath' is an underwater-dance film connecting with the concept of impossible breath we try to receive from the Nature, that we put ourselves into bubbles of pollution... Continue Reading →

“The Myth of the River” underwater film

The Myth of the River This film is made for a background scenography for stage performance of  " Woman Running with the River"  by Gonca Gümüşayak . at Accademia Teatro Dimitri - Master of Arts in Physical Theatre, final piece Directing/Choreography, Concept: Gonca Gümüşayak Performance: Gonca Gümüşayak Video & Sound Editing: Adrien Borruat, Gonca Gümüşayak How... Continue Reading →

A Tree // Bir Ağaç

A Tree // Bir Ağaç Autumn // Sonbahar A dance-music video by Gonca Gümüşayak A Tree... A Human we come from earth, we will go back to earth... // Bir Ağaç...Bir İnsan topraktan geldik, toprağa döneceğiz... Directed/ Choreographed by Gonca Gümüşayak Edited/Performed by Gonca Gümüşayak Music: © Baka Beyond Ohureo - The Meeting Pool  // Licensed... Continue Reading →


"Re-birth" A short dance film by Gonca Gümüşayak, won "The best Performance award in Ankara Sinema Dance Festival, 2016 and Brussels International Dancefilms Festival 2017 in "10 leading young promissing artists".   Credits: Choreographer/Director/ Performer: Gonca Gümüşayak Asistant Director: Marek Glunizski Camera Operator: Martin Cech Sound Operator: Sam Alty Editing: Deniz Demir Movement Mentor: Alexandra... Continue Reading →

Silent Scream-Water

Silent Scream_Water // Sessiz Çığlık_ Su a dance film by Gonca Gümüşayak, 2019 Original Name: Sessiz Çığlık _Su English Version: Silent Scream_Water Oyuncular/ Performers: Neşe Karasipahi, Tuba Taşdan, Bircan Çağlar, Şeyma Sarıbekiroğlu, Gonca Gümüşayak Senaryo & Yönetim //Written & Directed by: Gonca Gümüşayak Kurgu/ Editing :Gonca Gümüşayak Görüntü Yönetimi& Kamera// Direction of Photography & Camera by:... Continue Reading →

Liquid Politics

“Liquid Politics” Premiered: 03 August 2013, Vienna, Heldenplatz, Austruia The digital codes which define our lives stream with a huge speed: 1, 0, 1, 1, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0... It’s a foamy yet destructive stream without limits or liability.  Similarly, the ever-twisted face of liquid politics constantly aims to undermine our perception of reality.... Continue Reading →

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