From Coincidence Into Consistency

In their new co-production, From Coincidence into Consistency, Rike Flämig (Berlin), Diana Neranti (Bucharest) and Gonca Gümüsayak (Istanbul), will explore, through dancing, the relationship between their bodies and architecture; in particular, they are interested in the buildings from cities in their homelands which are representative samples of monumental architecture.

They will start creating materials – through the mediums of film and dance. First by capturing the architecture through the lens of a camera, filming from different points of view, or by devising choreographic scores based on the architectural lines, searching for vestiges of social systems imprinted in stone. Drawing inspiration from a quote by Hannah Arendts, From Coincidence into Consistency, the performance will evolve between accidental and systematic, between chaos and control.

Used as background for the live performance, the video-projections will bring the cities on stage, the different architectures will overlap and blur into each other, united by similar geometries. How does the body relate to the bigger picture? How much resistance is needed?

by & with Diana Neranti, Performer; Gonca Gümüsayak, Performer; Rike Flämig, Performer; Felipe Frozza, Videoartist; Korhan Erel, Musician & Sound Designer.

Play Video

Sound Design for the trailer by Korhan Erel.

Copyright Ⓒ 2017 by Nerati, Gümüsayak, Flämig, Frozza, Erel. All rights reserved.

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