“Women Running with the River” flashback film

“Women Running with the River” – Epilogue
-A Flashback film for a new beginning-

Our villages women running to the nature to the river for leaving the barriers and stereotype to the river.
To be reborn there with a new beginning and solidarity can be alive.
This film is about:
Social barriers that women had to face. Their only and possible way to survive was represented as being married happily ever after- in the society.

But this social – religious norms – does not fit to the women of our village of Verscio, they run away, leave behind this archaic norm to be under commodity of a male authority.

Our village’s women run next to the river – where they find the reality- freedom and sharing – their wishes of love and even making new babies, where the creation can happen from the river.

They find their authenticity and sharing solidarity in a female society around the river. They find their wildness and beauty with the River.

Director: Gonca Gümüşayak
Filming Crew/ Camera: Silvia Sabogal, Teresa Caruso, Adrien Borruat
Editing: Gonca Gümüşayak, Adrien Borruat
Cast Film: Valea Völcker, Nina Giordano, Noemi Siraut, Marketa Pščolková, Martin Durrmann, Audrey Launaz, Clarissa Matter, Lia Schädler, Chloé Schach, Gonca Gümüşayak.
Transportation: Francesco Saporito

Thanks to Supporters of the WRWR Stage project:
Accademia Teatro Dimitri, SUPSI, Master Campus Theatre CH, Fondazione PARS, Zonta Club di Locarno (Empowering Women Through Service & Advocacy) Thanks to Scholarship of Study at Accademia Teatro Dimitri: Fondazione Pierino Ambrosoli

https://vimeo.com/319484708 , Password :flashbackWRWR1
photo image: Gopro, Gonca Gümüşayak

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