The Day of Graduation 30 th June

Congratulations my friends Igor Mamlenkov Angela Calia, Felix Baumann , Jenny Bee

Thank you for lovely, unforgettable graduation ceremony day, I would not live it later. Thank you

*Then for me I announce that I did not receive my diploma yet, I am still writing my thesis to deserve it, before end of August. *

I would like to write a thanking text for this journey to the people who support us during our journey here in Verscio:

Thanks to Accademia Teatro Dimitri Family who build such a lovely theatre village in Verscio

Thank you:

At first to Corinna Vitale, who made everything possible , our director, muma first feedback for our projects.

Our practical theoretical crazy ideas inputs Richard Weihe,

giving me the input for the My motivation of the subject of my piece to Pavel,

our full time office work supports Silviana , 2 Michelas, Francesca, Marlies, Lorenza , Susanna Lotz

Our commission: Alessandro, Nancy Fürst, Luisa Braga, thank you for your feedbacks. Accademia Teatro Dimitri

Thanks to supporters of stage performance, ATD, Supsi, Manuela Zonta Club, Pars foundation, Scholarship for study: Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation .

Thank you.

Our peer group friends for sharing this journey with us : Leonardo Villa , Rochelle Gatt, Jenny Bee, Jennifer Skolovski , Michele, David Melendy, Alvise Lindenberger , 1st year master friends: Margot Pétronie Prod’homt ,Markéta Pščolková, Makhina Dzhuraeva, Paula, Lu La, Henry thank you for sharing the feedbakcs, all the jumpings at Acro lessons and more…

Thank you to

My project team of “Women Running with the River”

at first my External Eye dramaturg friend Evren Erbatur for her all close-up support and also from distance work, long skype talks, discussions to make me realize the real essence- what we are searching for. You always supported me with big heart and wisdom.thank you.

Thank you Adrian Borratu , for each moment we edit the film, supporting me with beautiful ideas, accepting the ideas even the small adjustments with full ease and balanced energy.

thank you

Hard working dancing team Martin Durrmann, Lia Schädler giving their all free time for all rehearsals, dancing and understanding.

People who come with me the parts of this research journey, until middle or the parts of it. Thank you for the hard work : Clarissa C. Matter, Makhina Dzhuraeva, Chloé Schach, Markéta Pščolková

thank you for

Enjoying with me the filming by the River of Melezza, ( Valea Völcker thank you for your song Ederlezi calling us to the river), Markéta Pščolková, Nina Giordano , Audrey Launaz, Martin Durrmann, Clarissa C. Matter, Chloé Schach, Noémie Siraut,Lia Schädler.

thank you the filming crew: Adrian Borratu, Silvia Sabogal, Teresa Caruso, also thank you for transporting us with love Francesco Saporito.

Thank you to Christoph Siegenthaler, for professional Light design and techniques. Thank you for graphics for the poster Silvia Sabogal.

thank you Ayhan Malkoç for emotional support of love and also last moment techniques, graphics. a Life long journey keeping on… LOO

thank you my biggist inspiration , my source of light, and life resource, mama Yüksel Başarann , thank you for sharing with me this time of beautiful ceremony day.

Thank you my dad TC Hüseyin Hüsnü Gümüşayak, thank you my sister Poyraz Gözde Gümüşayak

without you all and your support it won’t be possible to be here to live this journey

Thank you very much All.

Gonca Gumusayak

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