Clown Fifi @Camping Delta

Clown FiFi de Performance Planèt @ Camping Delta, 2019 -A Clown& Dance & Music Performance for Kids- Clown/Dance: Gonca GümüşayakMusic: Francesco Saporito Location: Camping Delta-Locarno- CH Date: 18th of July 2019 Photos: Mila Merker, Pietro Splendiani, Francesco Saporito, Yüksel Başaran Video: Yüksel Basaran Edited: Gonca Gümüşayak Supported by Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation for the M.A Studies of Physical... Continue Reading →

Dancing Letters

“Dancing Letters”// "Dans Eden Harfler" Concept and Choreography : Gonca Gümüşayak Müzik / Music: Keith Kenniff - Branch at Solo Dance Festival , Ankara, CerModern, 2018 This is a dancing- clown research playing with Letters. looking for ways of communication Just like language inviting herself into the sphere of communication. This solo is a contemporary... Continue Reading →

III. Moda Burunda Sanat Festivali

III. Moda Burunda Sanat Festivali 2011 September organised by Lokomotif Culture and Arts Association, Moda, Kadıköy Dance: Gonca Gumusayak Music: Hindemith Live music,Cello by: Julide Cance Eke Production: Performance Planet, Lokomotif Kültür Derneği         Hindemith Agence The Diying Swan   Bach

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