Arts Residency at Plum Yard

Arts Residency at Plum Yard, Malovice

We as students of Master of Arts, Physical Theatre from Teatro Dimitri Academy, are invited to do a Residency Project for one month to Malovice, Plum Yard Continuo Company studios, an OPEN SPACE FOR THEATRE, ART AND EDUCATION, Czech Republic, close to Prague.

Our Project is called ” The Picasso Project”, but the real name of performing art piece is not ready yet, because we have just started the research process.

We have tasks everyday to follow:

  1. Finding a space special for us for performing, a site-specific performance, creating a solo movement sequence there.
  2. Read the play “Desire caught by tail” written by Picasso. Finding two specific parts in the text,  explain why you choose it, know the text by heart and perform in two different international languages.
  3. Listen to the music of Stravinsky, ” Dumbarton Oaks” Concerto and “Danses Concertantes” for Chamber Orchestra. Make solo according to music.
  4. Make duets from 15 points of touches
  5. Form quartets and trios, make 3 minutes of group choreographies by only using these instructions: walking, raising hand, sitting, looking. Keep paralel directions between group members, You can change distance , spacing, rthimes in movements.
  6. Find out a reason for your topic in your solos.
  7. ….. every day new instructions, with full of nature environment in Malovice.


More information about the Art Residency Space:

More information about the Theatre Company Continuo :

photos from rehearsals


panoromic caravans and stageIMG_2204IMG_2273Plum Yard Continuo, MaloviceIMG_2098IMG_2078




Desir attrapé par la queue

The performance will be presented on 12th of May 2018, 20:30 in Lugano, LAC  Lugano Art and Culture Centre.



More information about: Performance going to be created:

“Desire Caught by the Tail” (Le Désir attrapé par la queue)



SUPSI DACD / Scenario multimediale: Franco Cavani, Andreas Gysin

ENSEMBLE 900 / Direttore: Arturo Tamayo

Pictures from the show at LAC, Lugano, 12 May 2018




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