Açık Stüdyo Günleri, 2020

Open Studio Days, 2020 “Rituels for the backyard”: Sound of the Earth” Dance performance: Gonca Gümüşayak Music performance: Hiroşi 3 October 2020 Location: Gümüşayak DanceArt & YogaGARDEN - @ at the Backyard @ggumusayak @openstudioday Orgnisation: Open Studio Days 2020, Açık Stüdyo Günleri 3-4-5 Ekim 2020, İstanbul. "Sound of the Earth" A ritualistic performance & Interview... Continue Reading →

A Ritualistic Performance, 2020

“A Ritualistic Performance”,  Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune et des enfants de fleurs 12 July 2020, Validebağ Korusu, İstanbul Performance: Gonca Gümüşayak, Alberto Monreal Music: Mete Arca Alış @noggage  Composed pieces: “a Blink of an eye Matters" , Rememberance” Participative Audience: Des Enfants de fleurs / Çiçek Çocuklar: Eren Erkan@dejeneren, Daphne Targotay @daphnetargotay, Şua Merve and Improvised... Continue Reading →

“Woman Running with the River” – The Myth of the River

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/391837254 “Woman Running with the River”           The Myth of the River A dancetheatre piece by Gonca Gümüşayak Accademia Teatro Dimitri - Master of Arts in Physical Theatre, final production. 3 May 2019, 20.30 Premier and 4 May 2019, 18:00 @ Teatro Paravento, Locarno, Switzerland Choreography, Concept: Gonca Gümüşayak Performance: Gonca Gümüşayak, Lia Schädler,... Continue Reading →

Dancing Letters

“Dancing Letters”// "Dans Eden Harfler" Concept and Choreography : Gonca Gümüşayak Müzik / Music: Keith Kenniff - Branch at Solo Dance Festival , Ankara, CerModern, 2018 This is a dancing- clown research playing with Letters. looking for ways of communication Just like language inviting herself into the sphere of communication. This solo is a contemporary... Continue Reading →

Silent Scream

  Silent Scream //Sessiz Çığlık This project is inspired from Önder Tokuç's "Ege Denizi" Sculptures, which were deeply influenced by the drifting corpuses of refugees in Aegean Sea. In memoriam of refugees who had lost their lives in the Agean Sea while trying to pass between war and life... It is a wish to send... Continue Reading →

“(G)Kül Çocuk”

"(G)Kül Çocuk" In English // Scroll down for Turkish “(T)he Ash Child" Choreography/Mask Design/ Performance: Gonca Gümüşayak Music Performance ( Cello):  Jülide Canca Eke Text: Nazım Hikmet Ran- Poem: "The Little Girl” Music Composition: Zülfü Livaneli In The Ash Child, Nazım Hikmet’s “The Little Girl” poem and Zülfü Livaneli’s musical theme composition are presented with... Continue Reading →

Liquid Politics

“Liquid Politics” Premiered: 03 August 2013, Vienna, Heldenplatz, Austruia The digital codes which define our lives stream with a huge speed: 1, 0, 1, 1, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0... It’s a foamy yet destructive stream without limits or liability.  Similarly, the ever-twisted face of liquid politics constantly aims to undermine our perception of reality.... Continue Reading →

Hayali and Sureti

1.“HaYÂLÎ*, Pan and the Swan" Catching the shadow" May 2008, Holland 2.“HaYÂLÎ* and Sureti"A shadow tale 2008, İstanbul 3."Hayali ve Suretleri" October 2009, İstanbul 4. Gölgeli Masallar,Shadow Tales. October 2010,İstanbul 1.“HaYÂLÎ*, Pan and the Swan Catching the shadow… Premiered in Artez Hogeschool voor de Kunsten 21 & 22 May 2008 , Arnhem ,Holland -An Interdisciplinary work... Continue Reading →


Trio(u)topia A trio for all the utopias Premiered in 13thDecember 2007, Artez Dansacademie Performance Series 2, 13, 14 December 2007, Thaterzaal 3,20.00. Arnhem , The Netherlands. Artez Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Bacsheloropleiding Dans, Dancemaker (DM) Choreography: Gonca Gümüsayak Music: Zorba The Greek by Mikis Theodorakis, Ahmedo: Anonim/Hasan Saltık, Aynur Dogan,Halil Melegi kacırıyor by Tamer Ciray Dancers: Artemis Lampiri, Gonca Gumusayak, Reut Shemesh... Continue Reading →

Turn A-round

Turn A-round SOONer or LATEr a piece by Gonca Gümüşayak Artez, Arnhem 2007 Turn A-Round... Sooner or Later Choreography,Lights, Dramaturgy, Text,Costume: Gonca Gümüşayak Music: Goran Bregovich Dancers: Alexandr Szivkov, Margarita Kennedy Technics: Gonca, Bahar, Giovanna Thanks: Phyllis Gutelius, Nol Tilanus, Jim Fulkerson, Jan Willem, Bahar, Igor Kruter, for inspiration: Sezen Aksu, Safak Uysal and Soner Premiered in:... Continue Reading →

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