Silent Scream

  Silent Scream //Sessiz Çığlık This project is inspired from Önder Tokuç's "Ege Denizi" Sculptures, which were deeply influenced by the drifting corpuses of refugees in Aegean Sea. In memoriam of refugees who had lost their lives in the Agean Sea while trying to pass between war and life... It is a wish to send... Continue Reading →


The Ash Child

"(G)Kül Çocuk" In English // Scroll down for Turkish “(T)he Ash Child" Choreography/Mask Design/ Performance: Gonca Gümüşayak Music Performance ( Cello):  Jülide Canca Eke Text: Nazım Hikmet Ran- Poem: "The Little Girl” Music Composition: Zülfü Livaneli In The Ash Child, Nazım Hikmet’s “The Little Girl” poem and Zülfü Livaneli’s musical theme composition are presented with... Continue Reading →


Photography © Italo Rondinella  9.12.2014   Foreign Press // Yabancı Basın     1. TIME  (Dec. 9, 2104)   The Best pictures of the week (December 5-12, 2014) 9 Dec. 2014 [Photography: © Ozan Köse—AFP/Getty Images] 3rd picture   2.THE NEW YORKER  (July,2, 2014) Portofolio, Ghosts of Gezi, July,2, 2014 , Photographs © Pari Dukovic, Introduction by Raffi Khatchadourian "One icon of the protests was... Continue Reading →

Liquid Politics

“Liquid Politics” The digital codes which define our lives stream with a huge speed: 1, 0, 1, 1, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0... It’s a foamy yet destructive stream without limits or liability.  Similarly, the ever-twisted face of liquid politics constantly aims to undermine our perception of reality. Even in the midst of a crisis... Continue Reading →

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