Turn A-round

Turn A-round


a piece by Gonca Gümüşayak

Artez, Arnhem 2007

Turn A-Round… Sooner or Later

Choreography,Lights, Dramaturgy, Text,Costume: Gonca Gümüşayak

Music: Goran Bregovich

Dancers: Alexandr Szivkov, Margarita Kennedy

Technics: Gonca, Bahar, Giovanna

Thanks: Phyllis Gutelius, Nol Tilanus, Jim Fulkerson, Jan Willem, Bahar, Igor Kruter, for inspiration: Sezen Aksu, Safak Uysal and Soner

Premiered in: Artez Hogechool voor de Kunsten 4 April  2007, Arnhem, Netherlands Artez Danceacademie Performance Series 8, 4&5 April, 2007

Secondly Invited to:

Connect’art May 24th 2007, Theater aan de Rijn, Arnhem Generale Oost, Rijnstraat 42, Arnhem, Netherlands

“Lyric, epic or narrative, not at all abstract, don’t wait for an end. It is just what it is, and that is what it’s all about”…

Two different worlds …

How come it is possible…

In one space

-It is my space

-No mine


It is a circle a-round us

Round like the world

Our world…

Who is in charge of our actions?

Me? You? He? She? It? They? Us?

A sound behind me?…or in front of, inside of, around …?

Is it me or something out of me makes me do something?


Is it something in our hands?

Can we change what all happened?

Can we influence it?

Can you judge your actions and then what happened?

How did our hands come together?

Is there a reason?

They said ‘no reason can explain the love’.

Ok… the worlds are different and apart


Can’t we just imagine and smile…



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