Reviews on Hayali ve Suretleri

“Hayali ve Suretleri”

Herkes için etkileşimli bir Gölge Oyunu.

“Imaginative and Its Images”

An interactive Shadow Game  for children and adults.

at The Square of Galata Tower. October 2009

Find your shadow ,create your performance,  It is a game between you and your shadow and others’ aıt is a dialog between different bodies and  shadows  A fariry tale between dream and reality .Our character has lost its shadow, while seaching for it , we need your help in these new adventures. Bring a baloon, a ball or a bottle of water. Let’s see what happens? We will wait you by the Fountain in front of the Galata Tower  10 October 2009 . 20.00

5th GalataPerform Visibility Project , 5. Galata Gorunuruk Projesi

“Hayali ve Suretleri”
Herkes için etkileşimli bir Gölge Oyunu.
Gölgeni bul, kendi performansını kendin yarat. Kendiniz ,Gölgeniz ve diğer gölgeler ile oluşabilecek farklı beden portrelerinin dialoğu.
Hayal ve gerçek arasında bir oyun. Gölgesinden ayrı düşmüş ve onun peşine düşmüş karakterimize çıkacaği yeni maceralarda yardımcı olmak  ister misiniz? Bu iş tam size göre, elinzi bir balon bir top bir de şişe alıp gelin bakalım neler olacak…? Bu sefer biz sizi Galata Kule dibinde Çeşme Başında bekliyor olacağız.-  10 Ekim 2009 2o.00

Concept/Performance : Gonca Gümüşayak

Interactive Video Design: Ahmet Güzererler

Music: Cello:Duygu Demir, Flut: Sebnem Poryali

and more…

audience, children,cameraman, the PAN and the cat…



An Interactive Shadow Play for everybody

Gonca Gumusayak’s interactive Shadow performance was one of the best site specific works at the 5th Galata Visibility Project. Utilising a cutting edge technology, it did not only build a relationship with the Ottoman history but also with audience and even with cats on the street…

Founder Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum in Galata iS.CaM

Genco Gülan

Here are my impressions on Hayali ans Suretleri Perfomance :

At Galata 5th Visibility Project:

“The Visibilty Project is yearly event which is organized in the historical region of Galata and aims to create a visibilty to the performing arts. Gonca’s project “Imaginative and its Images” has been adopted for the square of Galata where there is an Ottoman fountain with beautiful reliefs on it. The performance beautifully used this site of fountain with scenes of bathing created through live act and video projection. The live music with cello and flut gave nice energy. It was an outstanding performance, combining traditional light-shadow elements and contemporary performance, video and real site, performers and audience, plans and unpredictabilities …”

the Manager of Galata Visibility Project Manager.

Deniz Aygün- Galata Perform

Gonca is really a great performer/ instant choreographer.                                                                              She always finds the surprising moments for the audience, her creativity is a combination of emotions and funny elements. She is really open, she can catch element from her childhood and her present experience easily. Gonca have amazing skill about improvisation, she has a strong presence in the space, and theatrical skills that most of the time give to the improvisation a fresh input. Her piece on Shadow is outstanding, there also she combines her theatrical and funny element with more abstract movement, she play with her shadow, like Peter Pan, in this game she recognize herself  as a shadow and building up good interaction with the audience. I think that Gonca is a really good performer and choreographer, she is very sensitive and multi talented.                                                       Silvia Bennett- Dancer, Performer in Amsterdam -Magpie Summer Apprentice 2009.

Architectural structure of the historical fountain became an already designed stage decor for the piece. Water games in the performance seemed to be made for the image of the fountain. Interaction of the video, music,dance collaboration was playful , instantly created together. Most surprising part was, the involvement of the audience especially the children, they became part of the performance by the small humorous scale games, of (giant- dwarf images), got lots of appreciation,funs from the audience.

Selin Yıldız- Architect. Doc. At Yıldız Teknik University

She was in communication with a giant, no, it was an evil partner , the Pan , supposed to look like an evil characher,at first he was against her, later became a part of her in harmony. And all these happened in front of a historical Ottaman Fountain.

Ece Yörük.-   Manager of VERA Music Productions, İstanbul



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