The Day of Graduation 30 th June

Congratulations my friends Igor Mamlenkov Angela Calia, Felix Baumann , Jenny Bee Thank you for lovely, unforgettable graduation ceremony day, I would not live it later. Thank you *Then for me I announce that I did not receive my diploma yet, I am still writing my thesis to deserve it, before end of August. *... Continue Reading →


Hayali ve Suretleri- Galata Kuledibi 2009

“Hayali ve Suretleri” Herkes için etkileşimli bir Gölge Oyunu. / An interactive Shadow Game  for children and adults. 1oth October 2009 Istanbul, 5th Galata Visibility Project, Galata Tower Square , Bereketzade Faountain. İstanbul Find your shadow ,create your performance,  It is a game between you and your shadow and others’ aıt is a dialog between different bodies... Continue Reading →

Meg Stuart ” off-course”, 2010 İstanbul

Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods: "OFF COURSE" Two years after her first visit, choreographer and dancer Meg Stuart was invited back to garajistanbul, as part of the ISTANPOLI project and Dance Platform Istanbul, an Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture project. During two weeks she lead an intensive improvisation-research workshop on displacement : ‘Off Course... Continue Reading →

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