Clown: Bobo

@palcoaperto, Verscio Dimitri Academy, 2018 March Clown Bobo in Summer Holiday, 2017-2018 many difficulties happen to her until she finally could swim... 2018 August in Menorca at International Clown School with Eric de Bont   2018 August in Menorca at International Clown School with Eric de Bont          


Master Thesis

Master of Performing Arts Thesis Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Modern Dance Master Thesis An Execution of a Public Space Performance with Method of Stand-up Perform Dance; An Example of Politicization Process of Contemporary Dance in Turkey: “Liquid Politics” ABSTRACT This performing arts master thesis is written for documenting the conceptual background, methodology and production process of the... Continue Reading →


Vinyasa Yoga    Every Tuesday 20:00 @ Aula Danza İmpro, 3rd floor, Verscio, Switzerland 2018-2019 What is Yoga? Yoga means unity.  To become one. Yoga nedir?  Yoga “birleşme” demektir. "Bir" olmak. Peki Hatha Yoga ne demektir? Raja Yoga'nın bir koludur ve fiziksel duruşlara ve nefes talimlerine ağırlık veren okuludur. Bu okul Yogi Swatmarama tarafından 15. yüzyıldaHindistan'da... Continue Reading →

Performance Planet

  Performance Planet (ENG) This is a Planet of Performance, Performing Arts Project Collective, a world that you can find the different disciplines of performing arts together (contemporary dance, theater, music, circus, clown, yoga, instant composition, improvisation, video-film, image and photography ...) and the interaction with all these art disciplines. Interaction with the self and the... Continue Reading →

From Coincidence Into Consistency

From Coincidence Into Consistency (2018)   In their new co-production, From Coincidence into Consistency, Rike Flämig (Berlin), Diana Neranti (Bucharest) and Gonca Gümüsayak (Istanbul), will explore, through dancing, the relationship between their bodies and architecture; in particular, they are interested in the buildings from cities in their homelands which are representative samples of monumental... Continue Reading →


"Re-birth" A short dance film by Gonca Gümüşayak, won "The best Performance award in Ankara Sinema Dance Festival, 2016 and Brussels International Dancefilms Festival 2017 in "10 leading young promissing artists".   Credits: Choreographer/Director/ Performer: Gonca Gümüşayak Asistant Director: Marek Glunizski Camera Operator: Martin Cech Sound Operator: Sam Alty Editing: Deniz Demir Movement Mentor: Alexandra... Continue Reading →

Silent Scream-Water

Silent Scream_Water // Sessiz Çığlık_ Su a dance film by Gonca Gümüşayak, 2017 Original Name: Sessiz Çığlık _Su English Version: Silent Scream_Water Oyuncular/ Performers: Neşe Karsipahi, Tuba Taşdan, Bircan Çağlar, Şeyma Sarıbekiroğlu, Gonca Gümüşayak Seneryo & Yönetim //Written & Directed by: Gonca Gümüşayak Kurgu/ Editing :Gonca Gümüşayak Görüntü Yönetimi& Kamera// Direction of Photography & Camera by:... Continue Reading →

Silent Scream

  Silent Scream //Sessiz Çığlık This project is inspired from Önder Tokuç's "Ege Denizi" Sculptures, which were deeply influenced by the drifting corpuses of refugees in Aegean Sea. In memoriam of refugees who had lost their lives in the Agean Sea while trying to pass between war and life... It is a wish to send... Continue Reading →

The Ash Child

"(G)Kül Çocuk" In English // Scroll down for Turkish “(T)he Ash Child" Choreography/Mask Design/ Performance: Gonca Gümüşayak Music Performance ( Cello):  Jülide Canca Eke Text: Nazım Hikmet Ran- Poem: "The Little Girl” Music Composition: Zülfü Livaneli In The Ash Child, Nazım Hikmet’s “The Little Girl” poem and Zülfü Livaneli’s musical theme composition are presented with... Continue Reading →

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