BackStage Photos

Photos by: SUPSI BA Students of Visual Communication Department, and Claudia Cossu Fomiatti

“Le Désir attrapé par la queue”
12 May 2018, LAC
Text written by Pablo Picasso
Music composed by Igor Stravinsky
ACCADEMIA TEATRO DIMITRI /Direction/ Regia: Pavel Štourač
SUPSI DACD / Scenario multimediale/ Synography& Visual Design : Franco Cavani, Andreas Gysin
ENSEMBLE 900 / Orchestra Conductor/ Direttore: Arturo Tamayo

photos SupsiArt

Performed by: Angela Calia , Felix Baumann ,Gonca GumusayakJenny Bee , Jennifer Skolovski,Leonardo VillaMichele Rezzonico and Rochelle Gatt


32682499_1631778420204757_3889677770879401984_o (1)




32482784_1631778796871386_6952134081656127488_o32655135_1631778160204783_1869324523480809472_o32713295_1631777940204805_4150475800069537792_o32734071_1631776116871654_6666988960901758976_o32746477_1631778453538087_6370071360558858240_o32775408_1631776096871656_6676824809671753728_o (1)32738531_1837485519878865_5733951541124005888_o

32739773_1631775226871743_1366759327750160384_o32754471_1631775153538417_2894364523605524480_o32662580_1631775856871680_7567777275140112384_o32693305_1631777630204836_4334692526557495296_o (1)32709123_1631776480204951_4552698271864193024_o



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